IRON Standard Fuel Container Station

IRON Standard Fuel Container Station

Choice of the enterprises that have a regular need for refuelling

Reliability and endurance
The electronics works perfectly at -52.6 ° F without heating
Made in Russia
High accuracy

Characteristics of the model

Fuel Container Station IRON Standard – autonomous, mobile, 100% prepared for work equipment for storage and fueling. Allows you to refuel equipment in an inoperative way. Drivers refuel vehicles on their own, data on fuel sales are transmitted to a computer in the office for further processing, and reporting in 1C (accounting).

The Fuel Container Station IRON Standard allows you to control remotely such parameters as volume and level of the fuel, temperature, density, mass, amount of produced water. It establishes full control over the fuel circulation. All operations with the fuel (vacation, technological straits, level changes, indicators of total meters) are transferred to the office. There is a photo and video recording of the fuel stations. The Fuel Container Station IRON Standard is constantly monitored by automation systems. Unauthorized access to fuel at the IRON fuel station is not possible.

Fuel Container Station IRON Standard has a number of advantages, undoubtedly, primarily related to ease of use. When installing it, there is no need for the earthwork, construction of foundations, tanks for collecting fuel spills, fuel drain wells. Since IRON Standard is a factory product, it passes all the necessary checks, certification and complies with all the necessary requirements, including the requirements of the airbag. The fueling station is equipped with a fuel dispenser. Additional equipment is installed in the tank hatches. There are models where additional equipment is located in a special end compartment. IRON Standard can be implemented as an integrated refueling station and consist of several separate tank modules; it is possible to transfer additional equipment and a pump station to a separate module. An additional mandatory set of equipment includes a power cabinet, control system, communication system, security system (including fire security system).

The IRON Standard can refuel from one to four types of fuel, respectively, it is equipped with tanks of various capacities and types: one-, two-, three- or four-section. The capacity of the tanks can vary from three to forty cubic meters. Fuel dispensers used to dispense fuel can also vary in the number of dispensing taps and performance. Both single-arm fuel dispensers, for example “UNO”, and two-arm, three-arm, and even four-arm type “EURO” or “EXTRA” can be delivered with it. There are solutions, the use of which allows you to operate a fueling station in the climatic conditions of the Arctic and the Far North – in that case, the tank is made of special frost-resistant steels.

IRON Standard allows two options for the manufacture of tanks: single-walled and double-walled. In the double-walled version, the inter-wall space is filled with an antifreeze or inert gas, and a fuel leakage control sensor is installed. In accordance with regulatory documents, the use of a single-wall tank is possible when the gas station is located outside the boundaries of the settlement, in which case it is mandatory to be equipped with a pan for collecting spilled fuel. Additional equipment at a filling station usually includes pipes, top-level sensors shut-off valves, hatches, breathing valves, metering pipes. The pipes and tank are made of stainless steel. The fueling station is equipped with level gauges. Level gauges allows to measure characteristics such as level, temperature, density, and volume.

IRON Standard can be equipped with a variety of systems, such as a smart card reader, an autonomous fuel filling system, and a preset keyboard. Supports work in an inoperative mode of loading (automatic). For each car, a limit is set for the amount of fuel available for refueling. Limits on the amount of fuel available to the driver are set at the head office by the accountant, through the “IS.Office fuel station” software package. In the same software package, you can view reports from a modular fuel station. The automatic system monitors the filling of the tank, the state of the fuel, its vacation.

In an inoperative version of a fuel station, fuel is dispensed autonomously; drivers are authenticated using plastic cards. On each card, the accounting department of the enterprise can set a limit on the amount of fuel, and there are different types of limits, per diem, a limit for a month.

In the embodiment of the IRON Standard Fuel Container Station with an operator station, it includes special software, communications with the central office, and a computer.

In an additional complete set, IRON Standard can be equipped with a fire extinguishing system and a fuel level control system.

Undoubted advantages of the IRON Standard Fuel Container Station over analogues are the following:

  • – IRON Standard is a modular manufactured equipment, which greatly reduces installation costs;
  • – small dimensions with a significant amount of stored product;
  • – automatic control of the inter-wall space;
  • – several independent sections – shipment from one section and fill another without stopping can be made;
  • – automatic measurement of fuel levels, automatic switching of sections when the minimum level is reached, sending information about fuel reserves in real time to the office;
  • – measurement of density and level of produced water;
  • – photofixation of the refueling process (video recording);
  • – refueling drivers with identification by plastic fuel cards or chip keys;
  • – setting fuel limits per driver, per unit of equipment;
  • – voice communication with the operator (office) via the GSM channel;
  • – automatic transfer of shift reports and data on the left fuel to the office;
  • – control of limit levels in each section (the level gauge operation is duplicated, a signal is received to the operator about the level exceeding via the GSM channel, the tank filling pump is automatically turned off);
  • – automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • – explosion-proof automation cabinet;
  • – the range of IRON fuel dispensers is 100% fully compatible with the hardware and software of the IRON Standard Fuel Container Station;
  • – round-the-clock remote support;
  • – filling station pump IRON-SYSTEMS;
  • – grounding device for fuel trucks;
  • -the equipment of technological compartments are carried out in compliance with industrial and environmental safety standards (valves, taps, filters, eco-pallets for collecting emergency spills, lighting in explosion-proof design);
  • – redundant power supply of a fueling station to ensure smooth operation;
  • – painting with persistent paints in the corporate colors of the client with the application of a logo, warning labels;
  • – the operating temperature of the IRON Standard is much wider than the temperature range of a conventional stationary gas station;
  • – possibility to install an inoperative fuel delivery terminal, which greatly reduces maintenance costs;
  • – mobility and convenient transportation by a vehicle and a railway transport to the place of operation. Convenient when carrying out seasonal work, at construction sites, while conducting quarry work;
  • – IRON Standard has dimensions allowing for transportation by a conventional cargo transport;
  • – a large selection of control systems – from the remote control and operator control, to a fully automated system with the ability to control via the Internet;
  • – the ability to connect all modular fuel stations, automatic modules of fuel trucks, departmental fuel stations to one software package “IS.Office fuel station” and create a unified fuel station network management system;
  • – the possibility of reliable and safe operation of the IRON Standard in earthquake-prone areas;
  • – several options for execution with the possibility of placement on the territory as well as outside the territory of settlements;
  • – long service life;
  • – factory warranty 18 months;
  • – the possibility of bulk purchases of fuel at reduced prices;
  • – the possibility of creating a fuel reserve at the enterprise;
  • – the ability to control fuel consumption and availability from the office in online mode;
  • – the possibility of using an automated control system and the exclusion of the human factor;
  • – the exclusion of misuse of fuel when used as part of the system “System of plastic fuel cards” and “IS.Office fuel station”;
  • – anti-vandal performance and equipment protection;
  • – protection against emergency spills;
  • – explosion proof execution;
  • – no need to issue permits for the use of a modular fuel station;
  • – the possibility of manufacturing a modular fuel station taking into account the individual requirements of the client.