Control system of fuel dispenser complex

Fuel dispenser control system produced by OOO Iron-Systems Company is developed with regard to all modern demands to filling station automation system. Most of all, the control system is aimed as at small filling stations as well at big filling complexes included several work places for filling station operators and managers.

Made in Russia
Simplicity and reliability

Characteristics of the model

  • allows to serve customers qualitatively and quick
  • works with any type of payments, supports different types of sales. Supports the fuel cards system.
  • simple and clear interface;
  • industrial version;
  • full control over the staff work;
  • safety of business information;
  • work with additional devices (level meters, tills, receipt printers, modulation signaling device, GSM modems and many others)
  • minimum time for putting the system into operation;
  • support hotline;
  • transmission of exchangeable reports and reports of moving of fuel and lubrication materials to the office. Export to 1С.