Dispensing guns ZVA

Dispensing guns ZVA exist on the petroleum industry market more than 40 years. This fact is contributed by the following characteristics: simple usage, ease of operation, uninterrupted and accurate work.

Characteristics of the model

It is also worth allocating a modular design of dispensing guns ZVA. All main parts of the fuel guns ZVA can be easily replaced. Therefore dispensing guns ZVA by means of various accessories can be adapted for any fuel dispenser, any fuel hose and any gasoline tank mouth of a vehicle! Besides, the modular design of dispensing guns ZVA allows to perform service and repair work by personnel of a filling station.

There are cases when a driver forgets to take the filling gun out from a gasoline tank and leaves the filling station. In most cases, such “forgotten” guns become broken and cannot be repaired. However, dispensing guns ZVA contains a cut-off clutch, which protects them from breakage.
If the service is correct and current repairs is timely, service life of the dispensing guns ZVA can reach ten years and more.