Submersible pump Fe Petro

Fe Petro Inc. was established in 1987 and supplies submersible systems all over the world more than 20 years.

With appearance of multigrocery fuel dispensers in the early nineties in Europe and with general tendency of integration of filling stations, the usage of submersible turbine pumps became serious alternative to the traditional fuel supply system.

Characteristics of the model

Submersible pumps are established directly in storage reservoir so that the point of the fence of a product settled down in several centimeters from the reservoir bottom. In produced today submersible pumps  the connecting bar both with fixed length and telescopic is used. It allows to establish “a dead zone” of the tank directly at installation of the equipment without special tools and with high precision. Having come to the pump, fuel consistently passes through the turbine, the connecting bar and the control head of the pump. Pressed pump turbine gives fuel on pipelines system to the fuel dispensers. Thus, only one submersible pump is necessary for one fuel type at a filling station.